Project: Study for the Protection and Detection of Vulnerabilities in Victims of Gender-Based Violence as a Consequence of COVID-19

Goals of the project:

The health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the implementation of various actions within the scope of alternative penalties and measures in Spain, with the aim of preventing infections. One of the planned actions, which could lead to significant changes and impact on the protection of victims of gender-based violence, is the possibility of resuming interventions with offenders that were suspended during the lockdown through remote means.

We believe that we are at a crucial point where we have the opportunity to test these new technologies and find out whether their implementation indeed results in equivalent effectiveness and improves the protection of victims, or if, on the contrary, we need to readjust or modify the remote intervention format to prevent long-term vulnerabilities that could lead to an increase in reports and new cases of gender-based violence.

The protection of victims of gender-based violence must be an essential priority when changing the intervention modality, as in the face of the urgent measures being generated by COVID-19, we must respond cautiously and ensure that they do not represent a setback in the progress that has been achieved in the protection and reduction of cases of gender-based violence so far.

From this research, we hope to achieve the following:

  1. Better identify whether the possibility of remote intervention and telematic means is as effective and provides the same level of protection to victims as in-person intervention that has been practiced until now.
  2. Understand the advantages of online intervention and how it should be adapted and implemented to ensure high-quality remote intervention that offers comprehensive and increasingly effective protection for victims of gender-based violence.
  3. The recommendations derived from the study can be presented to public decision-makers to improve telematic interventions in the field of gender-based violence at the national level, thereby preventing new cases and providing more effective protection to women who are victims of violence.



Funded by:

Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs, and Social Welfare.

Start Date:



12 months

Participating Institutions:

H-Amikeco Association, FIADYS


Violencia de género