Technical advice

We offer technical advice for the following topics through a wide network of researchers and experts of renowned prestige:

  • Analysis of the impact of public policies on criminal policy, social intervention and international cooperation.
  • Consultancy for the preparation and implementation of local programs for the prevention of crime and the safety of citizens.
  • Evaluation of intervention programs: effectiveness, social impact and efficiency of the resources used.
  • Proposal of prevention studies of criminal behaviours such as sexual harassment, gender violence, cyber bullying, etc.
  • Development of all types of products, tools or systems of risk assessment or criminal prediction for the improvement of investigation, repression and crime prevention as well as security.
  • Advice on public and private institutions of a national or international nature in projects related to crime and security.

Accreditation certificate

  • Accreditation of quality in the programs of reduction and criminal intervention for its homologation and equivalence with international standards.
  • Verification and certification of existing intervention programs in criminal matters which require advice in its design, implementation or evaluation.

Partnership with companies

  • Analysis of security risks and weaknesses regarding security matters.
  • In-company training according to company needs.
  • Awareness campaigns in certain subjects.