Project: Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship for Improving Civil Economy and Enhancing Inclusive Business

Goals of the project:

A new Fiadys project in collaboration with CHANCE, focused on youth empowerment through the public and social reuse of confiscated assets and the impact on social justice action in the most vulnerable contexts.

The purpose of the project is based on strengthening the cooperation between the associations in the informal CHANCE network in the field of youth, considering youth to be a driving force for future-oriented well-being. Raising awareness of the impact of social entrepreneurship on youth employability, with a particular focus on social enterprises developed on confiscated assets at the EU level.

Activities included in the program:

1. Mapping of the best practices of social and public reuse of confiscated assets in Europe and its impact on young people and associations that work with young people in vulnerable contexts.
2. Identifiyng a common matrix of elements to recognize opportunities for youth participation in the process of designing and implementing social and public projects in confiscated assets
3. Develop a common strategy for youth engagement in promoting social entrepreneurship and civic monitoring of the social and public reuse of confiscated assets at EU level.
4. Working groups to elaborate different conclusions according to the main themes of each session. 





DURATION: 12 meses


Collaborations: El proyecto está coordinado por Libera e involucra a 10 socios de diferentes países de la UE y miembros de la red informal de la UE CHANCE, Fiadys forma parte de uno de los socios, CHANCE, EURO HUB