Report: Unknown Loss


Andrea Giménez-Salinas Framis




The constant change that organizations experience today results in the need to know the threats and risks they face. In this sense, the unknown loss in the business field is an understudied and undersized phenomenon, which refers to the theft or loss of resources that occur in the company itself as a consequence of internal or external action and that mainly affects people. These types of losses are not usually reflected in official security statistics published by the Ministry of the Interior and are usually listed as internal corporate losses. However, the fact that they are not visible does not mean that they do not exist. Therefore there are four main trends in unknown loss are highlighted: new opportunities in online commerce, with all the advantages and threats that cyberspace entails, such as return fraud; thefts in logistics processes, which can affect a multitude of parties involved in the supply chain; design fatigue and new functional spaces, so that the distribution of the space can configure or condition the incidence of the unknown loss; and, finally, phygital environments, which are transforming the vision of the consumer and the prevention of these crimes due to technological development.

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