Report: Protection of victims of gender violence through the treatment of aggressors


Denis Gil Vega, Meritxell Pérez Ramírez, Andrea Giménez-Salinas Framis y Miguel Ángel Gil Rivero




Violencia de género


The purpose of the research presented in this report is the protection of victims of gender violence by preventing criminal recidivism of those convicted of gender violence. For this, the main objective of this work has been to analyze the recidivism of those convicted of gender violence to a measure in the community and its relationship with the abandonment of treatment programs. The specific objectives have been to describe the sociodemographic profile of a sample of users who have completed the PRIA program for convicts. due to gender violence, between 2011 and 2015, carry out an analysis of the recidivism of the sample of users, evaluate the influence of sociodemographic variables and risk factors for recidivism.