Report: Circles Spain: Report on first implementation


Meritxell Pérez Ramírez, Andrea Giménez-Salinas Framis, Ana Pérez Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel Gil, Alicia Cabaleiro Dominguez, Denis Gil Vega, María R. Vega Menezo




Sexual delinquency is a social and community problem that must be addressed from multiple areas, both police, legal and social. This has led the different Public Administrations to get involved in its prevention and treatment at different levels. Although the different international meta-analyses carried out to date confirm that the recidivism of sexual offenders is not usually high and that specific programs, based on empirical evidence, manage to further reduce such sexual recidivism, there is a small percentage of sexual offenders who present a high risk of committing a new crime, even after undergoing treatment in prison. This type of program for high-risk offenders should encompass all areas in which the person interacts, both at an interpersonal, social and community level. The Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) model is oriented towards risk management for offenders who are no longer serving prison terms but still present a moderate to high risk of recidivism.