Project: Sexual violence against women prevention by promoting the implementation and evaluation of the Circulos program and supervision of sexual offenders at higher risk who rejoin society

Goals of the project:

Fiadys began the pilot project for the evaluation of the Circulos España program for high-risk sexual offenders, in 2021. For this, it received funding alongside H-Amikeco Association and a subsidy from corporate tax. 

It currently has a grant from the IRPF from the Ministry of Social Rights to carry out research in collaboration with IIPP, the H-Amikeco Association and the Health and Community Foundation, that improves the protection of women against the most serious forms of sexual violence.

The main objective of this study is to evaluate the implementation of the Circulos España program for high-risk sexual offenders to ensure effective protection for victims of sexual violence. To this end, the following specific objectives are established:

  • Analyze the target population of the program, the sex offenders at highest risk of recidivism and ensure that the selection process for the program follows European standards. 
  • Supervise the selection process of volunteers who will be part of the Circulos España program to accompany sexual offenders on their return to the community.
  • Form a control group to compare the changes produced by the Circles program in the highest-risk sexual offenders and check if the changes are due to the intervention program.
  • -To compare both groups (experimental and control) in the sociodemographic, criminal career, psychological and social support variables collected before the intervention.
  • Propose the changes in the Círculos program that are necessary based on the results of this study.
  • – Ensure that the implementation of the Círculos program pursues the effective protection of victims of sexual violence.

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In collaboration with: 

Instituciones Penitenciarias

Asociación H-Amikeco

Fundación Salud y Comunidad

Funded by:

Ministerio de Derechos Sociales y Agenda 2030


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