Project: J-SAFE Judicial strategy against any form of violent extremism in prison

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Goals of the project:

The project aims to analyze the current situation of prosecution and detection measures of extremism in all phases of the criminal procedure, in all participating countries; the target of this project is also to generate tools, protocols and risk assessment guides, in accordance with European regulations for its use by judges and prison staff. Finally, it provides training for professionals of judiciary personnel and prison staff and the evaluation of the impact of the tools created in each country.



Funded by:

Horizonte 2020 Research and Innovation Program of the European Union, under Grant Agreement No. 763714.

Start date:

1stMarch 2018


24 months

Participating institutions:

Ministry of Justice of Italy, Kemea in Greece, Agenfor International, Centre of Studies for Democracy, Bulgaria, Elcano Royal Institute, Spain, Technical University of Prague, Czech Republic and College for Administration on Justice in Bavaria, Police Department Germany.


combatants, combatientes, evaluación de riesgo de radicalización, prisiones, prison, radicalización, radicalization, risk assessment