Project: Cases and judicial decisions on hate crimes from 2014 to 2017 and traceability

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Goals of the project:

The study aims to continue the analysis of judicial decisions in hate crimes conducted in the first report (2014-2016) and to analyse the traceability of hate crime judicial cases. First, judicial decisions on hate crime from 2017 will be included in the previous report. Second, the study the traceablility of criminal hate cases through the judicial process will be conducted in two phases: a) to describe the procedural phases where hate crimes come across and the actors involved; b) to follow a sample of hate crimes reported to the police from its police report to the final judicial decision. This folllow up of around 1.200 cases will provide explanations about the gap in cases reported to the police in comparison to the judicial decisions provided by courts each year.



Funded by:

Spanish Observatory of Racism and Xenophobia (OBERAXE)

Start date:

1st  April 2018


8 months

Participating institutions:

FIADYS Foundation and researchers of Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)


data, delitos de odio, fuentes de datos sobre delitos de odio, hate crimes, source of information, traceability, trazabilidad de los datos sobre delitos de odios